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Posted on October 27, 2010 by laura

More on this subject, as I did make mention of it on Facebook. It is amazing to me the lack of knowledge people have on this substance. Yet, very soon, it is going to be put into our water system. According to Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992, “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century”.

A substance is going to be added to San Diego drinking water under the guise of fluoride. Fluoride in its natural form is found in our foods: cereal, fruit, vegetables, even meats. But the kicker is that this “fluoride” that will be dumped into our drinking water is industrial waste that, by law, cannot be put anywhere else. As usual, someone found a loophole and with grant money has managed to find a place for this waste.

The type of fluoride added to public water (Hydrofluosilicic Acid) is a raw untreated waste from the phosphate fertilizer mining industry. (I believe it is also an aluminum waste.) The waste is straight from the pollution scrubber systems of the phosphate mines and is highly contaminated with arsenic, lead and a potpourri of other heavy metals. With this in mind, it is important that this is not forced on us.

The water authorities will tell you that they are merely following the state-mandated requirements, and the state will reply that it is purely optional for the local municipalities. And while the fingers are busy pointing, the toxic-waste trucks are pulling up to our water supply! I called the Metropolitan Water District because I wanted to know the date of the infusion of this toxic material into our water system. As could be expected, I was handed over to one person and then another.  I ended up with a “Mick Stuart”, I believe, whose answering service informed me that he was “busy”. I left my name and number and a brief message. More on this perhaps later!

As a topical application, fluoride (debatably) helps strengthen teeth enamel. But it is harmful to drink, and our skin absorbs it when bathing. Ingestion and absorption have nothing to do with your teeth! If you suffer from hypothyroidism or another immune disease, this is poison to you. So why is this forced on everyone when it is harmful? Anyone who really wants fluoride is free to get it. Eat foods high in fluoride (you can get a list of these foods on the Internet). It’s in toothpaste – but as it says on the label, don’t swallow it! And your dentist can always apply it topically. So go for it, if you want it. But do you really want something in our water system that’s been banned in other countries?!?

Contact your water district, write your congressman, and join the Fluoride Action Network!

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