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A Timeshare Traveler in Puerto Penasco

Posted on October 28, 2012 by laura

We had banked our Manhattan Club week with SFX (San Francisco Exchange) and because it is such a desirable destination, we were offered a bonus week along with our exchange. Since we had never been to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) we chose the Mayan Palace there for our bonus week.

Puerto Penasco is like an Arizona beach. It’s only about 100 miles from the Arizona and Mexican border. A new coastal highway makes it even easier and a shorter trip for Californians by 100 miles. Unfortunately we didn’t know about this new toll road (and since it’s not on the map, though I did see a sign!) we flew past it on Highway 2, only to be brought up short by the massive road work that was going on. The ride was alternately pavement and dirt, seeming to be mostly dirt. Returning home to San Diego, we did take this coastal route which was free of traffic, shaving off quite a bit of time. If we ever go back, we’ll probably save even more time by entering Mexico at Algodones, rather than at San Luis. That highway (186) passes by the Quechan Casino, which is a great place for a meal and a rest stop going both ways.

Our one big disappointment with the Mayan Palace was that it didn’t have complimentary wi fi as most timeshares do, and it was rather expensive if you used it. That is why the question of going back is iffy. They need to recognize how important wi fi is. You’re kind of stuck out there (maybe 20 miles to town?) and wi fi is a necessity.I refused to pay them the $87.00 per access and turned roaming back on on my iphone. I used it sparingly because I wasn’t sure what the cost was going to be. I’m waiting for the bill!

Other than that, it’s a delightful spot, not the tourist trap that you may be accustomed to in other Mexican resorts. I saw no homeless people and was not besieged by hawkers of jewelry, hats and the like, that you usually encounter on the beaches and in town at the various other resorts.

Ordinarily I log my travels on a daily basis on Facebook, along with my photos. The lack of internet accessibility put the kibosh on that endeavor, so I am writing on my blog which will go on my Facebook, along with the photos.

Hopefully the Mayan Palace will wake up and catch up to the other resorts who offer this very important amenity!

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